From the recording Love Songs To America

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My dearest Mr. President
I’m writing you from my phone
Because I heard about your app
To fly military drones

To bomb enemies in foreign lands
As part of the Marine Corps
Mr. President tell me please
How can I download the war?

I heard that it’s a sequel
Of Korea North and South
But I prefer to fight my wars
From the safety of my house

I’ve got a plasma screen TV
From the ceiling to the floor
Mr. President, tell me please
How can I download the war?

I heard it costs just 99 cents
And the Pentagon pays the rest
I even get the benefits of
Being a Veteran with all the rest

They’ll issue me unlimited lives
And Purple Hearts galore
Mr. President tell me please,
How can I download the war?

Now there’s just one thing more
I’m really not into gore
Can you turn off all the blood
And guts it’s a sight that I abhor

On second thought I think I’ll wait
For the next phone app’s release
Mr. President forgive me please
I’d rather download the peace