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  1. School Kids' Hymn

From the recording Love Songs To America

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From the halls Columbine high school
To the shores of Sandy Hook
We learn our lessons every day
From bullets instead of books

First to die for freedom every day
And keep your gun laws lean
I will give my life for the NRA
Even though I’m just fourteen

From the dead of Stoneman Douglas
To the bodies of Santa Fe
Congress sends their heartfelt love to us
Saying laws are underway

But they didn’t ban bumpstocks
Assault rifles they ignored
Then they found one thing that they agreed
Our schools need fewer doors

Here ends our song where it began
Another shooting another day
They never think about a gun ban
Is this the price we have to pay?

So remember now our noble song
While we die in bloody scenes
Next time instead of going to school
I’ll enlist in the Marines